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Limerick Free Range is located at Limerick on the southern edge of the Central Tablelands of NSW. It is owned and operated by the Evans family, Steve, Jennifer and their two children Rhys and Olivia.

The farm was purchased at the beginning of 2005. At the time Steve Evans was working as a production manager for one of Australia’s leading poultry producers. Seventeen years in the intensive poultry industry had left Steve disillusioned with that form of agriculture – the mass production of a tasteless, low quality product where the emphasis was on getting chickens from day old to slaughter weight in as short a time as possible at the lowest cost – and he and Jennifer began planning their escape.

They began with a small herd of stud Devon cattle, Springview Devons. Poultry arrived in 2008 and then at the beginning of 2009 they purchased their first pigs.

cattle yardspaddockpig

Jennifer Evans’ background is in childcare. Her caring nature and attention to detail is valued by all of the animals at Limerick Free Range. It is not uncommon for the pigs to find gifts, be they mouthfuls of fresh picked grass or a small tree branch that they collect and give to her as she visits their paddocks. They appear delighted when she accepts them and gives them due thanks.

The farming philosophy is that all of the animals are kept on free range. The welfare of the animals is the highest priority. Only numbers that can be easily managed are kept so that all animals receive meaningful attention and care. Animals are managed in such a way that they can always express their natural behaviours and are not repressed in any way. The return on this investment in compassionate farming is a high quality, flavoursome product. Contact us to discover your closest supplier of Limerick Free Range produce.





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News and Events

At Limerick Free Range we have just completed our 2013 show season having benched birds at the Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society Autumn show, the Faverolles Australia Annual show at Wyong and the Faverolles Australia Feature show at Harden. We enjoyed great success with our show team including Champion Muscovy at Goulburn with our blue and white drake ‘Gilbert’. Our focus is now on the breeding season ahead and on producing the next draft of high quality heritage poultry, waterfowl, turkeys and pheasants.
rhys evans
Rhys Evans holding one of the prize winning Limerick Free Range faverolles cockerels pictured with renowned poultry enthusiast and faverolles breeder and exhibitor Tas Doornbusch.

Limerick Free Range welcomes 'Byron' to our pig herd. Byron is a pure Landrace boar bred by Mr John Singh at his Punjab Stud at Byron Bay. We have high hopes for Byron's contributions to the operation. His first offspring are expected in April 2013.